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We are shining a spotlight on musician Gario, a remixer who has worked on plenty of amazing remixes and arrangements from popular video games, including Metroid. Gario has been a long time contributor and supporter of our albums, contributing to Harmony of a Hunter in 2011, and Harmony of a Hunter Returns a decade later in 2021 with “Garden of Zebes”, a remix of Brinstar Overgrown with Vegetation Area from Super Metroid.


Hey there! This is Greg Nourse, otherwise known as Gario around the remixing communities. Electrical engineer by day, composer by night, I’ve been dabbling in arranging music in one form or another for over twenty years and have been active in the online sphere and refining my electronic/chiptune style for more than a decade. My bleeps and boops have gotten pretty good over the years, or so I’m told.

Going back further, my interest in music (particularly of the video game variety) likely goes back into about 1990, when I was introduced to Megaman 3 and it’s soundtrack. It inspired me to hammer out VG tunes as I heard em’ on the piano, and later try my hand at recreating them as MIDIs starting around 1999 (with some of these being posted on, if you look hard enough). After finishing my education at UNM in music composition & theory in ’08 I decided to get involved with the OCReMix community, and have been pushing out arrangements & working as staff for them ever since.

Concerning Metroid, it’s always been a bit of a favorite series of mine, with Super Metroid being one of my favorite games that I can always go back to running through. The soundtrack has always had a very different flavor to other music of the time, really nailing an ambient sound in an age where game music focused more on memorable melodies. Needless to say I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Metroid music, which considering my involvement in the 101% run and this project probably isn’t news, but my love for the series runs deep.

Moving forward I’ll continue to arrange music, help others with their music as a judge on Overclocked ReMix, and perhaps continue to be involved in various video game arrangement projects. Video game composition and arranging has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, and I don’t think that’s changing anytime soon. Here’s looking forward to years more of chippy (and maybe not-so-chippy) music for yours truly!

Our Thoughts


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gario on several projects for over ten years, and I find him to be a very capable musician. His Super Metroid covers in particular breathed new life into some classic themes, and he has always delivered. I continue to be excited by his creations and can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.

For more of Gario’s works, please visit the link below:

Gario’s Harmony of a Hunter music