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David Verstraete

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We are excited to share the work of another Metroid fan artist with you today. David Verstraete, also known as Porvia, has been a Metroid fan since he was twelve, and he grew to love Metroid Prime and the overall series. It inspired him to begin drawing Samus and other characters, using either a serious or comical approach.


I’m a Dutch artist, with wide interests concerning both the medium with which I create, and the subjects of my work. Since I’m a full-time design student, I have less time to work on my own art than I’d like. However, I love to create. I can’t see myself slowing down in the foreseeable future!

I have the means to make digital art, and I often do, but I try to learn the classics first before branching out. I wouldn’t call myself a professional yet, but I feel like I’m learning quickly. Since I like to come up with my own subjects, I try to limit the amount of fan art I make, although it’s just too much fun to let go of entirely.

As a child, I didn’t get to enjoy video games as much as others. We didn’t have a console at all, so I missed out on a lot of great games. Once I turned twelve, my parents got me a GameCube. One of the games on that system was Metroid Prime, and at the start, I was terrified of it! Over time, I grew to love the series and its powerful atmosphere. The subtly creepy scenes and outlandish creature designs are a great source of inspiration to me. I had been drawing before then, but it was at this time that I started taking this seriously and trying to improve my own work.

When it comes to Metroid fan art, I like to either match the games’ atmosphere and creepiness, or take a humorous, cartoonish approach. My art in general doesn’t really have a fixed style yet. I guess that’s what happens when you’re trying so many different things! I do have a plan for my art, a goal that I work towards. Both in my study and personal art practice, I strive to gather the know-how, skill and experience needed to be a concept artist or game artist. It might have been my love for the Metroid franchise that set me on this path in the first place!

Our Thoughts


Porvia has created some breathtaking artwork that continued to blow me away. Every time I see a new addition to his portfolio, I am in awe of his talent. He is a brilliant artist with talent by the bucket load. He is a genuinely kind and thoughtful person and just the kind of positive energy we welcome in the Metroid Community. He is going places, and I am excited for his future.

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