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For this month’s Community Spotlight, we are happy to showcase the work of GuilhermeRM, an artist who created various illustrations featuring Samus and the Metroid universe. He made excellent work on a post-Fusion game concept, as well as a series of Metroid crossover artworks. Guilherme shares with us what made him create Metroid content.


I’m Guilherme and go by GuilhermeRM_art in most platforms. I’m a freelance artist who does commissions and occasionally contract work, but have gained most of my visibility online through fan art, one of my mains subjects being the Metroid games.

Metroid has been my favourite game series ever since I can remember. Super Metroid was the first game me and my brother owned as it happened to come packaged with our Super Nintendo. By the early 2000s I had access to the internet and while it was very cool to see all the tricks and information the fandom had found, but the content wasn’t that great when it came to my main passion, art.

The lack of Metroid fan art that wasn’t embarrassingly horny in those early days was something that stuck with me, so when I started posting art on the internet I tried to make the Metroid art younger me wished was there. This meant trying to give Samus personality in my drawings, some are fun, some are down-to-earth, some are cool, etc. I don’t have a single interpretation of the character that I defend, one of my favourite things about classic characters is there being a lot of versions of them, it gives me a lot to work with.

The single piece of art that most defined my path so far was “Samus’ Persona”, which I made while playing Persona 3 Portable. I mimicked the style of that game’s art and drew a teenage Samus invoking a stylized robotic version of her armour as her “persona”. That blew up on Tumblr and spun off into the “Smash Bros. x Persona” series which dramatically multiplied my reach online. Parallel to that, I’d also do Metroid fan art on a variety of other styles/universes which is another of my most popular series and very rewarding to me, as studying and emulating different art styles is something I love to do.

Recently Metroid allowed me to explore a couple of other interests I haven’t been able to engage in much – character design and world building – as I made concepts for a theoretical post-Fusion Metroid game for my followers who include many fans of the series. The Metroid fan community has been hugely supportive as I try different things out and that keeps me wanting to create content in this space, I’m very thankful for that.

Our Thoughts


Guilherme truly makes fantastic Metroid art. I’m a big fan of his post-Fusion concept arts, as well as his crossover series which features universes I’m very fond of, such as Gurren Lagann, Pokémon or the DC Animated Universe. His work on the Metroid comic book cover is absolutely phenomenal as well!

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