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For this month’s Community Spotlight, we’re sharing with you the work of Bonbon, a cosplayer who is currently hard at work on a cosplay of Proteus Ridley from Metroid: Samus Returns! Bonbon has crafted cosplays of several of Samus’ suits over the years which he used to make short Metroid films, and more!



This is the Japanese cosplayer BONBON.

I first started making cosplays 5 years ago and now I work as a freelance costume designer. I’ve received all sorts of requests for costumes but I’ve never created a Metroid cosplay at work. The reason being, if I were asked to make a Metroid costume I’d get way too focused on the little details that I’m sure the customer would get tired of waiting! (laughs)

So far I’ve made the following Metroid costumes:

  • The Varia Suit from Prime 2.
  • Dark Samus from Prime 3.
  • The Gravity Suit from Samus Returns.

I’m currently working on Proteus Ridley from Samus Returns. It’ll be over 230 centimeters tall, with a mechanism that’ll allow the tail and wings to move freely.

I really like making costumes with gadgets, all the suits I’ve made so far have had one. The muzzle-opening mechanism of the arm cannon is especially popular, and people are always surprised when I show it off at events.

The trigger for getting me into cosplay was working as a member of staff on a hero show. At that time I met a costume maker who showed me the ropes and I thought, “Couldn’t I make something like this myself?”

I had never been to a cosplay event before and this was my first time making a costume, so it took me more than a year, but I managed to complete the Barrier Suit Samus. I went to events. I gained confidence from the compliments I received from many people, and cosplay became my hobby.

I also post videos and stream on YouTube! There are also short Metroid films with other Samus cosplayers, costume production streams, and podcasts with special guests.

I would like to get involved with many other Metroid cosplayers and make a Metroid short film together.

Our Thoughts


I’ve been following Bonbon’s work for quite a few years now, his work is really awesome! I loved his video reaction to the announcement of the Metroid Dread game, that was super wholesome to watch. I am definitely looking forward to that Proteus Ridley cosplay, which is, to my knowledge, the first ever made!

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For more of Bonbon’s works, please visit one of the links below: