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For this Community Spotlight, we are focusing our attention to Metroid community member Boid, an artist who has been highly inspired by the Metroid franchise. We highlight Boid’s fantastic Metroid artwork, where his passion for the series first began and his dreams for the future.


Waddup, I’m Boid, mainly an artist, but also a musician and game designer having recently finished a game design course at university. My dream is to be able to build games with immersive environments and enthralling worlds and I’m sure you can tell that Metroid is a huge influence on me in this regard.

The Metroid series along with games like Myst and Riven really sparked my interest in games when I was young. Metroid: Zero Mission was the first Metroid game I played and I played it religiously let me tell you, there was always something new to find which always kept me hooked and imagining what might be around each and every corner. A few years later is when I got my hands on the Metroid Prime Trilogy, and that’s when I started to really pay attention to the art and music behind these games. Ever since then I’ve wanted to be able to build worlds like those of Metroid for players to explore and get lost in.

In pursuit of becoming a game developer I started drawing a lot and picked up music and even got gamemaker to mess around in and hone my skills. It took a while before I decided to share anything online but once I did I quickly found a home in a few small communities. I made a name for myself in creating very scribbly and spooky art and later some music arrangements for another game I’m very fond of and even some original compositions, still not the best at programming but I’m workin’ on it.

Despite all this and the huge influence Metroid has had on me I’ve never really been active in the Metroid community until recently and I’m glad to have finally found a place in the community at long last. I hope to keep pumping out some sweet art for all you lovely people and maybe even a musical arrangement sometime. It’s my pleasure to be able to properly show my love for this franchise that has shaped me into the person I am today.

Our Thoughts


Boid’s fantastic artwork is an inspiration. My favourite piece highlighted in this Community Spotlight for me is the Zazabi, I love how it’s oozing deadly slime from its body and its vibrant colour. I also have to highlight his Gorea piece, which is a boss I rarely see represented. It’s great to think that Metroid has played such an inspiration in his professional life. I want to wish Boid the very best of luck with his art and everything he hopes to achieve in the future.

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