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We are proud to be featuring artist Anaugi, a digital artist with a focus on cartooning and illustration. He currently works as a freelancer, taking commissions and printing his designs to various products. His passion for Metroid and its universe are a fascination, fuelling his inspiration.


I’m a digital artist with my main focus on cartooning and illustration. My life story isn’t anything interesting, I just have a passion for art and poured all my effort into that. I’ve always loved drawing. It’s very relaxing and fun, and I’m kinda glad and surprised that I’ve managed to get anywhere with it. Right now I do freelance work. Commissions, designing shirts and stickers, odds and ends like if anyone needs some art assets for their indie games or maybe a graphic for a youtube video. I also make some comics, ranging from single panel newspaper-esque nonsense to 4-panel nonsense to full issues that I take forever finishing. Video games were always something I was fascinated in and I spent a lot of time playing them as a kid, diving into the stories and characters. Metroid came at a formative time. Samus and the universe around her fascinated me and it was very early where I learned how to draw her suit from memory, studying the pixel art on the Mission Cleared screens. I like to try and capture moods from the games in some of my drawings. As for the rest, I don’t even have an excuse for this, but I love drawing cute things in the Metroid universe, like Metroid Prime and Dark Samus having a dumb cat face or Samus taking on a vampiric look in her Fusion Suit. Figuring out a comedic take on some of the more serious elements has helped me figure out how to make my own characters and jokes. I’ve still got a long way to go, but someday I’d love to do some more cool projects. I would love to do a comic book cover or something. Right now, I guess it’s just doing more and better. I’m excited to see what the future brings.

Our Thoughts


I really like Anaugi’s cartoonish approach on Metroid with his artworks. It’s a completely different take on the series and it works very nicely! My favorite artwork of his has to be this little comic where Samus gives the baby Metroid a pair of sunglasses, and the one which represents Samus’ fight against Meta Ridley in Metroid Prime. His work shows us that a different approach on Metroid is possible and this style could even be used in an eventual spin-off game, or even in another media like a comic book or a cartoon series!

Image Gallery

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