Metroid: Zero Mission

2004 • GameBoy Advance
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Experience the origin of the series that started a whole genre. Samus Aran’s first mission on planet Zebes to take on the Space Pirates and the Mother Brain is being retold with a newly-added epilogue. Find out what Samus is truly capable of when her ship gets shot down again by Space Pirates during her encounter with Mother Brain, causing her to lose her suit and all her equipment. Armed with nothing but a pistol and her wits, Samus has to make her way out of another Space Pirate base and find some means to escape Zebes once and for all.

METROID: ZERO MISSION, released on the Game Boy Advance in 2003, brings all the modern conveniences and features from the latest titles in the series to the original game. Wall Jumps, ledge-grabbing, diagonal aiming, key abilities and weapons, and more are enhancing Samus’ groundbreaking first mission. All of this is presented in gorgeous, highly-detailed pixel art and brought up to contemporary visual standards. The audio benefits from the GBA’s cinematic sample-based sounds paired with its 8-bit audio, retaining some of the original’s moody style, especially in the title theme. While the general layout of the game world has been preserved, the levels themselves have all been redesigned to account for Samus’ new abilities and movesets. It’s a poster child for what a remake can and should be.

METROID: ZERO MISSION was developed by Nintendo R&D1, with Yoshio Sakamoto reprising his role as director. Minako Hamano and Kenji Yamamoto gave the original’s soundtrack their own touch.