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Zero Suit Scale Review

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Metroid fans haven’t been too lucky when it comes to official merchandise for their favourite franchise. Upon hearing the news that Max Factory was going to be manufacturing not one, but two Metroid Other M products, the team at Shinesparkers were delighted! We were kindly sent both products from Good Smile Company, the distributor of the two products which we are going to review for you.


The second of these two products is the gorgeous Zero Suit Samus scale figure from Metroid: Other M. It was sculptured by Shining Wizard @ Sawatika and measures around 22cm in height. It comes complete with a baby Metroid, stand and base. Unlike the posable figma, the Zero Suit figure is purely a display piece and is not posable. However, what the scale figure lacks in movement makes up for in beauty.

Zero Suit Samus looks absolutely stunning! We really like the box too.


Much like the figma, the Zero Suit comes in a cardboard box with window, allowing you to see the figure very clearly. It is protected by a plastic overlay for the front and back of the figure, holding the figure, stand and Metroid securely in place. There really isn’t that much more to say about it, it does its job perfectly.

Any objections, lady?

Shining Wizard @ Sawatika and Max Factory have truly done an amazing job in bringing the Zero Suit to life. It is absolutely gorgeous! It is painted in a combination of metallic and plain dark blue which work very well together and in brighter light you can really see this figure at its very best. The familiar pink Chozo symbols are present on her back, breast and left hand.

The sculptor has paid very close attention to detail with Samus’ hair, which sways behind her and hangs down in front of her eyes. This is something I rarely see in figures or models, and it’s nice that Max Factory have gone the extra mile to make her look the part. Samus is also armed with her emergency pistol, which also has a fair amount of detail. Samus also wears a neat holster for the gun, but because the pistol can’t be removed from her hand it is purely for display purposes.

This photograph really doesn’t do this beautiful model justice. Samus and her Zero Suit have never looked as good!

The Baby!

The only accessory that comes with the figure is the iconic Metroid, which I feel is a very nice bonus. It comes with a thin, vertical and transparent stand that fits into the base of the product. The Metroid itself has veins flowing outside the light green transparent plastic that covers the innards of the Metroid, while the innards show the membranes of the creature. There is a hole in the back of the Metroid where the peg from the stand fits into. Underneath the plastic shell are the deadly life-sucking claws attached to a dark red underbelly. The baby Metroid is anything but cute, and looks and feels deadly, an excellent and unexpected job here, I am truly impressed.

The Metroid was a suitable addition to the Zero Suit figure, such an iconic character.

This all rests on a frosted base with pegs to hold Samus from her feet to the base and the stand for the Metroid. It also displays the Metroid: Other M logo, which is a very nice touch. Sadly, it’s the base and stand where I have to provide some criticism. The pegs that hold the model are a little far apart, I had to stretch the legs of Samus to fit Samus’ heels securely onto the stand. Even though the model fit the stand without too much of an issue, I felt it wasn’t necessary for the pegs to be so far apart. There might be a good reason for this, but this is for Max Factory to answer. The stand that holds the Metroid was also very difficult to attach, I tried for a good 20 minutes to put the peg of the stand into the Metroid, and it just wouldn’t work. Eventually, I got it in there, but it felt loose and unsecured. My hope is that this is due to newness and over time it will become easier to place the Metroid into the stand as it becomes looser.

Shinesparkers have no objections to this amazing product by Max Factory!

Final Thoughts

Overall, the figure is absolutely stunning. It is the best looking Metroid product I have ever seen and although some people may feel the Zero Suit is quite revealing, I think it was done tastefully. Potential customers shouldn’t be put off by the stand issues, but just take some extra care when attaching the models. I can only offer the highest of respect to the sculptor and to Max Factory for providing an excellent product for Metroid fans who will not be disappointed by this. If you ever get the opportunity to purchase one of these fine figures, please do so. Seeing is believing!

© 2012 Darren
Special thanks to Naoki Meiri and Good Smile Company

This feature was originally published in August 2012. It has been edited slightly since its original publication.