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The Chozo - Part One

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The Chozo – Phazon Era


Long ago, the Chozo set out to explore the cosmos, and eventually after countless years, some of them discovered the planet Tallon IV. So much time had passed that these Chozo were unaware of where their ancestors truly originated from. Nevertheless, they made it their mission to colonise this new world and establish a highly advanced civilisation, living in harmony with nature. They honoured their ancestors by carving history into monuments of stone. As their civilisation prospered through the ages with all their technological knowledge, they remained focused in co-existing with the natural world. This natural way of living led to the evolution of the Chozo’s understanding of the universe to the point where many of them started to develop the ability to see the past and future. They did not know where it came from, but they took it as a sign they were following the correct path of enlightenment. Although they knew that the future was not always predetermined, frequent visions about “The Worm” raised concerns.

This worm hailed from parasitic origins; a dark power that was foreseen to destroy the world by corrupting all life. Even though the Chozo were fully aware of its inevitable destination, they could not predict where and when its arrival in the form of a meteor strike would occur. Unable to stop it, the meteor, that later turned out to be a Leviathan from Phaaze, impacted Tallon IV and began corrupting life itself through the spread of The Great Poison, Phazon. The Chozo’s ability to see the future was viewed as both a gift and curse since they could not know when or how things would unfold. The corruption of their great fountain was one such event, where the creature Flaahgra was a mutated monstrosity that could threaten the very existence of their civilisation by corrupting the water. The Chozo might not have been able to prevent the future from happening, but through their unwavering determination, they began to build a temple around the Impact Crater that would also function as a prison for the creature.

To prevent anyone else from releasing the creature, which grew evermore powerful inside the Phazon womb of the Leviathan, they crafted twelve artefacts with all their knowledge that served as keys. This would not only keep the creature contained but it was also an attempt to prevent further planetary corruption. Spreading these keys around Tallon IV while guarding them, the Chozo began to become corrupted as well. They did not mutate into monstrosities like other indigenous fauna, but instead became apparitions that mercilessly attacked anyone that trespassed on holy grounds. Space Pirates were the primary targets to be attacked by them while the Chozo survivors could only hide and watch as the pirates tried unsuccessfully to break into the prison. Slowly succumbing to Phazon, the Chozo believed a saviour would appear, a light that would drive the darkness of this corruption one day. While they did not know who it would be, it was clear enough to them that it was a woman, cycles later turning out to be Samus Aran. Their growing optimism went hand in hand with their increasing fears over what would prevail in the future: the darkness or the light?

While the Chozo had a good enough time living in peace on Tallon IV, during that era, they met other civilisations, such as the Luminoth and Reptilicus. They inspired the Luminoth to colonise and create their own civilisation on the planet Aether. It is possible that they disclosed their prophecies about the coming saviour that would deliver the universe from darkness, putting their faith in the future. The Reptilicus on the other hand did not fare any better. Initially, they did meet with the Chozo, exchanging technology, wisdom and knowledge. The Chozo gave them the gift of knowledge, as preserved in the Hall of Remembrance by two statues representing a Chozo and a Reptilicus receiving it. Since the Chozo had learned to co-exist in harmony with nature, they cautioned the Reptilicus and that they needed to unify the old and new ways for a similar outcome. Unfortunately, they did not heed their words and ultimately war erupted that ended with the downfall of their civilisation, almost destroying all life on Bryyo.

On the planet Elysia, a neighbour to Bryyo in the same solar system, the Chozo had built SkyTown, a vast floating colony in the skies of the planet. There, they established scientific research bases like laboratories and an observatory. This floating town used to stretch across the entire planet but due to the extreme storm conditions, it began to fall apart. Therefore, the Chozo created the Elysians almost 1500 years before the time Samus arrived on the planet. As the centuries passed by, the Chozo discovered the sentient planet Phaaze from their Elysian observatory. One day however, the Chozo decided it was time to depart, leaving the Elysians in charge of the town, even creating their own smaller versions of mechanoids to keep enough fuel production and maintenance going. Unlike their Mawkin and Thoha brethren, nobody knows where they went…


The Tallon IV Chozo resembled their Mawkin and Thoha kin with a bird-like appearance. They were most likely descendants from the Thoha line due to their scientific and more benevolent nature compared to the Mawkin. In the distant past, the Chozo lost the ability to fly naturally by losing their wings. To this day, Raven Beak is the only known Chozo to retain his wings and ability to fly. The Chozo had two hands with four fingers each; same with their talons, and they stood quite tall compared to humans, about twice their size. All Chozo seemed to have thin bodies, but they were also quite agile in general. The Tallon IV Chozo likely had a brownish and orange complexion throughout their body, unlike the Thoha, who had a greyer like complexion. Due to their adaptation and harmony with nature, perhaps they developed a unique brain that gave them the ability to see visions of the past and present.

Culture and Technology

This Chozo faction sought to create a balance between their civilisation and the ecosystem of Tallon IV, and they succeeded in their mission. Instead of replacing nature with hyper advanced artificial machinery, they made use of whatever was available from nature to construct their civilisation. Their infrastructure was made of stone that they established around and between vegetation and animals alike. Bridges were usually made from strong vines and water paths were everywhere, flowing through like the veins of a creature. This did not mean that their advanced and efficient technology was not incorporated throughout this very infrastructure. But instead, they seamlessly monitored, improved and kept the ecosystem as prosperous as possible without disturbing the way of life. Historical events, celebration of respectable individuals and words of wisdom were carved and found all over these natural structures. The Chozo lore entries that Samus found during her missions are such examples.

Other technological feats included floating platforms invisible to the naked eye, only identifiable through X-Rays, or other activation mechanisms that would operate exclusively through pure Chozo technology, such as the Morph Ball. Samus’s Arm Cannon was also used to activate locking mechanisms and in data gathering. Even the Artefact Temple had an advanced laser defence system that was activated once Samus defeated Ridley after a hard-won battle. The Chozo statues on the temple itself started glowing red and fired at Ridley, defeating him once he got pushed off the ledge  towards his doom below. Although they lived in peace with nature for a long time, SkyTown on Elysia counts as one of their greatest technological marvels. Advanced yet simple mechanoids made for maintenance and other tasks that the Chozo needed assistance from greatly allowed them to pursue scientific research instead.

Weaponry and War

Although the Tallon IV Chozo were not a warmongering people like the Mawkin, they did create advanced weapons that were primarily left behind for the future saviour, Samus. These include the Morph Ball and Power Bombs, and Wave, Ice  and Plasma Beams. Multiple Energy Tanks and Missiles could also be found throughout Tallon IV, and they kept the he X-Ray Visor in a secret guarded area, the Life Grove in the Tallon Overworld. They made use of the natural defences around the planet like the Magma Pool in the Chozo Ruins, and creatures such as Stone Toads, Eyons and Beetles that were strong enough to pose a threat. Mechanic constructs such as the Hive Mecha were used to contain but also provide a hive base for the dangerous War Wasps, protecting important rooms like the Hive Totem with water that was not affected by Flaahgra’s poison.

Since the Tallon IV Chozo were not a war driven civilization, the upkeep of balance with nature was their top priority. It was even more so once the Leviathan had struck the planet and the Phazon started to corrupt everything it touched. But in the end, it became too much when the Space Pirates invaded Tallon IV and complicated matters further. The best the Chozo could do was to create and secure as much weaponry as possible and leave it hidden until someone was ready to handle this crisis. The twelve artefacts thus became their utmost priority so that nobody could ever enter and release Metroid Prime, the creature they called the Worm. Only someone with the knowledge and technology capable of deciphering and obtaining these Chozo relics would be worthy enough. In short, these Chozo were victims to a force greater and possibly older than their entire species, becoming one of the first known civilisations to be invaded and corrupted by Phazon. Their war against it would be fought much later through Samus, the one capable of taking on such overwhelming force.


The whereabouts of the Tallon IV Chozo are unknown at this time, but it is likely that some of them inhabit another place yet to be discovered. If they exist somewhere, they are probably aware of the Phazon crisis, since they were the ones to discover Phaaze. Although Samus learned what had happened to the Thoha on Zebes and SR388, and that a significant part of her origins as a warrior hailed from Raven Beak, she still does not know where Old Bird and the Tallon IV Chozo are. Perhaps clues to their new location can be found somewhere on Tallon IV among the ruins that still hold many secrets. With their technological feats, their wisdom and harmony with nature, surviving the Great Poison should be possible. Not forgetting their gift of seeing the past and the future, surely they must have known that they would be able to carry on somehow. But for now, Samus, or whoever else are looking for the Chozo, have to be content by continuing their search after any survivors.


Written by Quadraxis