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Online Multiplayer Metroid Game Concept

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Metroid Prime: Hunters was the first and (almost) only attempt so far at making an online multiplayer Metroid Prime game. With various playable characters who each had their own little gimmicks, it was incredibly fun despite numerous bugs and balance issues. I believe that even though there are already a few very successful team-based FPS games, the Metroid series has a lot of potential due to having various and diverse iconic characters, and therefore has room for different rich playstyles.

I think it should feature a classic deathmatch mode, just like in Metroid Prime: Hunters. But being able to work as a team could be great as well due to the characters having very distinct abilities and playstyles, so we could have classic team-based FPS modes such as payloads, capture the flag, etc…

Samus’ adventures in space are set in various alien environments and planets throughout the entire series, so a multiplayer game could feature multiple iconic locations such as Brinstar, Phaaze, Tourian, Dark Aether, Maridia, Tallon IV… each having their own layout and hazards to add a twist! For example, players could be attacked by Metroids and Rinkas in Tourian, or even have Mother Brain intervene as a world boss and disrupt the battle. Also, just like in Metroid Prime: Hunters, each map would have Morph Ball tunnels (that only specific characters can use) and secret areas.

As for the characters, we would of course see the bounty hunters come back, as well as other characters from the series like U-Mos or Dark Samus!  They could have a wide range of victory quotes/sounds, taunts, alternative skins and color schemes, etc…

Each playable character would have a primary and secondary trigger, an ultimate attack and a personal ability (which in some cases is an alternative form). Metroid Prime: Hunters characters each had their own little gimmick, but in the end you were all using the same weapons, leaving only the alternative form as a true trademark. Having completely different movesets allows for more diverse play and interesting team coordination. Here are a few examples!


Samus focuses on harassing her enemies with her arsenal of weapons. Her ultimate is a very powerful tool for team fights. The Morph Ball helps her dodge attacks or escape fights quickly in case of danger, and she can also use her Space Jump ability to double jump!

– Main weapon: Power Beam. Can either be spammed or charged. Charged Power Beam will travel slower but deal significantly more damage.

– Secondary weapon: Missile. Samus shoots a homing missile that deals moderate damage. Charge to shoot a Super Missile that will go in a straight line and explode on impact. Both deal additional damage on frozen targets.

– Ultimate: Seeker Launcher. Samus locks up to five targets and fires quick teleguided missiles at them. She can also lock a single target several times by using her secondary target to deal huge damage. Has a short cooldown.

– Ability: Morph Ball. Samus turns into a ball and is able to drop Bombs with her primary trigger, dealing light damage. Holding her secondary trigger will charge the Boost Ball, which can knockback enemies and deal slight damage. She can also press the jump button to use the Spring Ball.

Dark Samus

Dark Samus isn’t a regular damage dealer. Her direct hits deal less damage, but apply a poison effect. She can also use Phazon energy to empower herself and an ally for a short duration, making her more of an offensive support. Hypermode has amazing synergy with characters that deal zone damage.

– Main weapon: Hyper Beam. Dark Samus’ main weapon works like an automatic weapon. It’s like when Samus fires a charged Hyper Beam shot in Corruption, but without charging. Applies The Great Poison.

– Secondary weapon: Corruption. Dark Samus consumes the remaining effect of The Great Poison on her target, dealing its damage instantly and heals herself. Has a cooldown.

– Ultimate: Hypermode. Dark Samus unleashes Phazon energy on an ally, activating Hypermode. The target becomes invulnerable for a few seconds, has an increased rate of fire and applies The Great Poison on hit. Increases the damage on time dealt by The Great Poison.

– Ability: The Great Poison. Every direct hit with Dark Samus’ weapons deals less damage than other characters, but she deals additional Phazon damage over time.


Rundas is a support who focuses on crowd control rather than dealing damage.

– Main weapon: Ice Missile. Rundas’s projectiles slow their target on impact, but his rate of fire is slower as well. If the target has less than 30% of their maximum health remaining, Ice Missile will freeze them instead of slowing them.

– Secondary weapon: Frost Armor. Surrounds an ally with a shield of ice for a few seconds, protecting them from a fixed amount of damage. Passive : After a few seconds without taking damage, Rundas gains Frost Armor.

– Ultimate: Phrygisian Storm. Rundas unleashes an ice storm around him, dealing damage and slowing down every enemy hit. The storm explodes at the end, freezing any enemy who didn’t get out for a short duration.

– Ability: Ice Surf. Rundas can surf on ice for a few seconds, but it has a long cooldown. He can shoot Ice Missiles while doing so.


Gandrayda is a stealthy character who infiltrates the enemy team by copying their appearance and killing them in melee. She’s a lot more agile than most of the characters, which allows her to jump higher.

– Main weapon: Electric Frisbee/Mortal Strike. While visible and not transformed, Gandrayda can shoot slow Electric Frisbees which make a tiny explosion on impact. While transformed, Gandrayda uses an electric blade for a Mortal Strike, dealing a lot of damage but deactivating her transformation. Mortal Strike will always kill if performed behind the target.

– Secondary weapon: Cloaking Field. Gandrayda can turn invisible for a few seconds, but the ability has a cooldown. Copycat is usable without breaking the stealth.

– Ultimate: Grapple Voltage. Gandrayda lunges on an enemy, neutralizing them for a few seconds by preventing them from moving or attacking while draining their health over time. Deactivates Copycat if she’s transformed.

– Ability: Copycat. Gandrayda takes the appearance of the enemy team member of your choice. It doesn’t have a cooldown, but it takes a few seconds to take effect.


Ghor is a very resilient juggernaut who will focus on protecting his allies. He’s vulnerable without his Mecha, but still shouldn’t be underestimated. Ghor’s Mecha takes increased damage in his back, so you should always pay attention to enemy placement.

– Main weapon: Plasma Beam. In his mecha, Ghor will shoot plasma projectiles in quick succession, dealing moderate damage. Without his Mecha, he will use his short-range Plasma Beam to deal damage, as well as setting enemies on fire for a short duration.

– Secondary weapon: Plasma Shield. Only usable when Ghor is in his Mecha. Ghor generates a huge Plasma Shield in front of himself, protecting him and his allies for a short period of time, or until the shield breaks. Destroying the shield will stun Ghor for a few seconds and temporarily turn his head into a weak spot.

– Ultimate: Plasma Laser. Only usable when Ghor is in his Mecha. Ghor will rotate while firing a huge angled-down Plasma Laser, dealing a lot of damage to enemies.

– Ability: Charge/Mecha. Using this ability while Ghor is in his Mecha will cause Ghor to spin on himself once, then charge in a straight line, knocking back any enemy hit and dealing damage (has a cooldown). Ghor has a lot more health when he is in his Mecha. Destroying it will render him vulnerable, but he can still deal a lot of damage. Dealing damage without the Mecha will make it recharge faster. When it’s fully charged, use that ability to summon it back.


Sylux deals tremendous sustained damage but his range is pretty short. His ultimate allows him to shield himself and is very efficient against several targets at a time.

– Main weapon: Shock Coil. Sylux locks his short-range weapon on his target, who can free themselves by running away. Damage increases over time and Sylux is healed for a portion of the damage he deals.

– Secondary weapon: Nanobots. Sylux shoots Nanobots that slow their target for a few seconds and deal some damage. Can be used without interrupting Shock Coil.

– Ultimate: Thunderstorm. Sylux unleashes experimental electric energy around him. It deals low damage over time, but gains a portion of the damage dealt as a shield that persists a few seconds after the end of his ultimate.

– Ability: Lockjaw. Sylux can turn into the Lockjaw and is able to drop electric bomb traps, which can be linked together to make a tripwire. Bombs explode when an enemy walks on them, and will do a lot of damage if they walk on the electric tripwire.


Kanden uses his experimental weapons to disrupt his enemies and finish them in close range.

– Main weapon: Volt Driver. Shoot very quick electric projectiles.When charged, shoots a slow electric projectile that will follow the nearest target and distorts their vision for a short duration.

– Secondary weapon: Experimental Blast. Kanden blasts his target with his Volt Driver, dealing severe damage in close range. Has a cooldown.

– Ultimate: Hijack. Kanden shoots an explosive projectile, dealing damage and disarms the enemies caught up in the blast for a short duration. Hijack has less cooldown than most ultimate abilities.

– Ability: Stinglarva. Kanden turns into a sort of larva, moving at very high speed and able to detach his stinger, which will track the nearest enemy and explode on impact.


Trace excels at long range, but can be quickly overwhelmed by closer enemies.

– Main weapon: Imperialist. If he’s not zooming, Trace will shoot a short range laser that doesn’t deal much damage, but will slow on hit. While zooming, Trace fires a long-range precision laser, dealing tremendous damage but it has a very long reload time.

– Secondary weapon: Sniper. Trace doesn’t have a secondary weapon. Instead, his secondary trigger allows him to zoom and be more precise with his Imperialist shots. By standing still while zooming, he will be slightly less visible after a short time.

– Ultimate: Vision of the Empire. Trace can see enemy silhouettes through walls and shoot three times through obstacles, as well as revealing invisible enemies. However, he can’t be stealthy for the duration of Vision of the Empire and the enemy team will be alerted of his position.

– Ability: Triskelion. Trace shapeshifts into a smaller form, which allows him to move faster and dash forward, dealing damage to anyone hit.


Spire has a low rate of fire, but excels in dealing AoE damage with his explosive attacks.

– Main weapon: Magmaul. Spire shoots lava projectiles which explodes after a few seconds, or on enemy impact.

– Secondary weapon: Magma Bomb. Spire shoots a big lava projectile which explodes on impact, dealing a lot of damage as well as setting enemies on fire for a few seconds. Has a cooldown.

– Ultimate: Diamont Eruption. Spire becomes rock solid, making him invulnerable and regenerates a portion of his health, but he can’t act. After a few seconds, his rock shell explodes, dealing damage to anyone in the explosion radius.

– Ability: Dialanche. Spire turns into a volcanic rock, able to slowly climb walls. Using his primary trigger will make his rock skin rotate around him, dealing damage to his enemies. Spire takes much less fire damage from every source in both his forms.


Weavel is a vicious foe in melee range who can escape with his Halfturret ability if he’s in danger. His ultimate ability can also turn the tide of battle.

– Main weapon: Battlehammer. Weavel fires green energy projectiles with an arc trajectory, exploding on impact and slightly knocking back enemies. He hurts himself if he’s caught in the explosion.

– Secondary weapon: Space Pirate Scythe. Weavel swipes with his Energy Scythe, dealing a lot of melee damage 

– Ultimate: It can’t be! Weavel calls upon Ridley, the Space Pirate leader, for aerial support. Ridley will fly across the battlefield while spitting fireballs, dealing damage to any enemy hit.

– Ability: Halfturret. Weavel’s body splits in two, his lower part becoming a turret that shoots his Battlehammer. The upper body is controllable, moves faster and can attack with the Scythe. Weavel can turn back into his regular form at any moment, even if the sentry is destroyed, but it activates the ability cooldown.


Noxus relies on the environment to trap his opponents. You really don’t want to fight him in a corridor.

– Main weapon: Judicator. Noxus’ projectiles bounce a few times on impact.

– Secondary weapon: Scattered shot. Noxus shoots three projectiles, dealing a lot more damage than its regular weapon.

– Ultimate: Vhozon Justice. Noxus activates his scythe-like appendice, and can swipe in front of him with his primary trigger. His secondary trigger will cause him to shoot a horizontal projectile with his scythe that pierces through enemies.

– Ability: Vhoscythe. Noxus turns himself into a sort of spinning top. He can use a long, scythe-like appendice to deal damage and knock away opponents.


U-Mos is a support who uses the energies of Aether to influence the battle, healing his allies with the light, and damaging his foes with the dark.

– Main weapon: Light Beam. U-Mos fires a projectile of light energy. Heal allies and deals damage on enemies. Low fire rate.

– Secondary weapon: Dark Beam. U-Mos fires a dark energy projectile that slows on impact.

– Ultimate: Light of Aether. U-Mos empowers himself with the Light of Aether, healing all allies near him for a few seconds.

– Ability: Sentinel of the Luminoth. U-Mos’ next Light Beam or Dark Beam is empowered (has a cooldown). Dark Beam becomes Entangler. Entangler deals additional damage over time and freezes the target for a short duration. Light Beam becomes Light Blast. Light Blast fires multiple Light projectiles, homing in on U-Mos’ target. It will heal allies much more than the regular Light Beam, and sets enemy targets on fire.


M.B. is an android designed by Galactic Federation scientists in order to replicate Mother Brain’s ability to control Metroids through telepathy. She wasn’t conceived to fight, so instead she makes use of Metroids to attack her opponents and dominate the battlefield. However, as Metroids are very weak to frost damage, she can be countered by Rundas or Anthony.

– Main weapon: Ultimate Warrior. M.B. summons a Metroid larva, which will attack the nearest target and absorb their energy. When a Metroid has absorbed enough energy, M.B. can use Evolve. If the target dies, Ultimate Warrior’s cooldown will reset. This ability can store up to three charges.

– Secondary weapon: Evolve. When a Metroid larva has absorbed enough energy, M.B. can order it to evolve into an Alpha Metroid. This form allows it to charge enemies and covers itself in bioelectricity. The top of its body is protected by a solid shell.

– Ultimate: Android Wrath. M.B. summons a Desbrachian to destroy her enemies. It has a lot of HP and its back cannot be damaged. The Desbrachian will target the enemies that are near M.B..

– Ability: Murderous Intent. M.B. orders her summons to kill everyone in sight, increasing their damage and movement speed for a short duration. Has a cooldown.

Anthony Higgs

As a Galactic Federation soldier, Anthony uses his weapons to defeat enemies. His huge Plasma Cannon is very heavy, which reduces his movement speed.

– Main weapon: G.F. Automatic Rifle. Basic military rifle. Doesn’t do a lot of damage, but shoots a lot faster than the other characters’ main weapons.

– Secondary weapon: Freeze Gun. Anthony fires a frost projectile, freezing an enemy for a short duration. Has a cooldown.

– Ultimate: Plasma Cannon. Anthony uses his Plasma Cannon and shoots a huge Plasma laser which pierces through enemies and walls, dealing tremendous damage. It has a very long cooldown.

– Ability: Remember me? Anthony inspires his team, granting them additional movement speed and damage. Anthony and Samus will move at slightly higher speeds when they are near each other in the same team.

And that concludes this feature! I hope it helped you see the potential of a team-based online Metroid game. Perhaps there will be some characters from Metroid Prime 4 that could be part of this as well!

Would you be interested if Nintendo made a game like this? Feel free to share your thoughts with us on our social media pages!

Written by Glaedrax