Shinesparkers Feature: Interviews

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Shinesparkers is pleased to share an exclusive translation of four interviews that were published on the official Japanese Metroid website in 2003. The original interviews are still available at this link. These have never been translated into English until now. Special thanks to Vectrex28 for the translation!

The following people were interviewed:

  • Yasuo Inoue, the director of the Japanese Metroid Fusion commercial
  • Tadashi Konan, founder of The King of Games, an apparel brand
  • Mark Pacini, Karl Deckard and Michael Mann of Retro Studios, and
  • Miyuki Miyabe, a Japanese horror author who shares her experiences playing the Metroid games.

A fifth interview with Yoshio Sakamoto, Kenji Yamamoto and Kensuke Tanabe has already been translated by the Metroid Database, which we’ve linked to below. We hope you enjoy these interviews!

Some images in these pages have captions in Japanese. To see the translation of the caption, hover your cursor over the image on desktop, or tap and hold the image on mobile.