Shinesparkers Feature: Interview: TV Commercial Director

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Original publication date: February 13, 2003
Talking Metroid with the up-and-coming TV commercial director
Have you seen the popular Metroid Fusion commercial that’s on the air as of now?
We’ve gathered the special thoughts about Metroid of Mr. Inoue, the commercial’s producer.

Yasuo Inoue
Born in 1972.
Graduated in Japanese cinematography at the Tokyo University of Arts in 1996.Winner of the MTV ID Contest Grand Prix in the same year.
Entered MTV Japan’s On-Air promotion in 1997.
PromaxBDA Gold and Silver medal,Invited to Ars Electronica, etc.
Currently independently directing the P.I.C.S. video group for MTV.
Currently focusing on making music videos, TV commercials, etc.My main creations are:
Commercials: Glico’s Pocky G, Kao’s Rabinous Colour Appeal, Nestlé’s Ice Cool, etc.

Music videos: RIZE, Love Psychedelico, PUSHIM, SPHERE of INFLUENCE, etc.

– Memories of Nintendo’s productsThe first time I remember facing Nintendo’s products was, of course, the Game & Watch “Ball”. My friends who had one were pretending to be heroes just by having one, so that made me want to get one. I also remember that the kids that had the fairly similarly designed Play & Time models had an inferiority complex about it. That genuine Nintendo brand’s strength was already amazing back then. After that, even I got “Fire” and “Manhole” bought to me as a present by my parents.

When I was in middle school, it was the Famicom’s heyday. If you had a lot of Famicom carts, you became a popular kid, so I routinely skimped on my food and transportation money to buy more carts. Due to this trauma, I kept buying all of Nintendo branded products until now (everything from Game & Watches to the N64 – I just about have them all, except for the colour variants). However, recently I realised that “Even more than owning the items, playing them is the most important”.

– Impressions about Metroid

To say it bluntly, I had a strong impression of the first Metroid game being a luxury game. It’s really because you had to overcome those 3 hurdles of buying a Famicom, then buying a Disk System, then finally buying Metroid.Back then, I had no other way of playing Metroid than at my friend’s house. From that time, I will never forget the music I heard playing from the slightly more advanced Disk System in Metroid at that friend’s house.
– Impressions of playing the new Metroid Fusion

I would first like to show my appreciation for Nintendo for releasing Metroid Fusion as a side scroller following the original Metroid despite today’s obvious move towards polygons in video games. Samus’s ease of maneuverability made an impression on me. Especially what was taken from the last two titles. And the best thing is that it’s getting released at the same time as the Game Boy Advance SP, so I’ve decided to buy three copies.
– About the filming of the commercial
For this shooting, the thing I insisted on was “Making a realistic Samus in live action”. However, it was also different from having someone inside [the suit]. And with CGI, it’s fairly tricky to make that realism. Hence, I made it so that it was a real, sculpted suit being shown from different “angles of approach”.Since I believe the recollections from the game screen are different from person to person, we made it so that the details off the camera’s angles could come out in one’s imagination. We have also prepared the filming for both the red and blue Samuses. The sculpture ended up being great so actually even showing the sides of it came out really cool.

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