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Metroid: The Community Speaks

We recently conducted two surveys before and after E3 2018 to gauge the thoughts and feelings of Metroid fans on current and future products. Our first survey focused on topics around Metroid Prime 4, while the second touched on announcements at this year’s E3, such as Ridley being a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. We also repeated some questions to see how fans felt before and after E3, such as when they felt Metroid Prime 4 would release. We shared our survey on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, plus the Metroid Community Discord server.

With E3 2018 just around the corner, how excited have you been for Metroid Prime 4 since its original announcement? (Initial survey)

Now that E3 2018 has ended, how excited are you for Metroid Prime 4 since its original announcement? (Post-E3 2018 survey)

It’s not surprising that the majority of Metroid fans have been eagerly anticipating Metroid Prime 4 since its initial announcement at E3 2017. It’s the first mainline Metroid Prime title in over a decade and on a brand new system headed by a completely new team. However, many fans were disappointed that the game skipped E3 2018, and while our survey conducted post-E3 2018 reflected that disappointment, on the whole fans are still excited for the game.

Would you like to see Dark Samus and Phazon back again in Metroid Prime 4? (Initial survey)

Almost two-thirds of those who took part in our survey would prefer if Metroid Prime 4 didn’t feature Dark Samus or the return of Phazon, leading us to believe that fans would prefer a new chapter in Samus’ Metroid Prime adventures.

It’s heavily rumored that Sylux will be returning in Metroid Prime 4. Of the remaining five hunters that made their debut in Metroid Prime Hunters, which one would you like to see return the most? (Initial survey)

It would appear that a huge number of fans would love to see Weavel return in an upcoming game! According to the lore of Metroid Prime Hunters, Weavel is a Space Pirate special-forces warrior, a cyborg whose body was almost completely destroyed in a past encounter with Samus Aran. It’s clear that Weavel has a score to settle with Samus, and it would be a great story to see!

Would you like to see an online multiplayer section to Metroid Prime 4? (Initial survey)

Almost half of those surveyed would like to see an online multiplayer mode in Metroid Prime 4. Nintendo’s online service will launch in September 2018, and if they want to encourage people to subscribe to the service, they will surely need as many opportunities as possible to utilise solid online features. Metroid Prime 4 could offer something special for a mature audience and for fans of the shooter game genre.

Later this year, Nintendo’s paid online service will go live. Would the inclusion of multiplayer features in Metroid Prime 4 encourage you to subscribe to Nintendo Online? (Initial survey)

Metroid Prime 4 is confirmed to release in 2019 or later. With this in mind, will you be subscribing to Nintendo’s Online service when it goes live this year? (Post-E3 2018 survey)

On the topic of online multiplayer, we also surveyed fans on whether an online multiplayer feature would encourage them to subscribe to Nintendo Online. While the results were mixed on whether Metroid Prime 4’s inclusion of an online multiplayer mode would be a driving factor in them subscribing, there was a significant change in attitude from fans wanting to subscribe once they knew the game wouldn’t be shown at E3 2018.

Would you like to see scanning return to Metroid Prime 4? (Initial survey)

Fans voted overwhelmingly for scanning to return to Metroid Prime 4, with only 3.7% of fans wanting it omitted from the new game.

Would you like to see Ridley return in Metroid Prime 4?

Prior to E3 2018, two thirds of fans really wanted to see our favourite purple space dragon make a return in Metroid Prime 4.

Should the soundtrack of Metroid Prime 4 include throwback themes to older games, or go for a completely fresh approach? (Initial survey)

Over half of those surveyed would like to hear a range of classic themes amongst new ones in the soundtrack of Metroid Prime 4.

Ridley has been confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch. How did you respond to this announcement? (Post-E3 2018 survey)

Unsurprisingly, fans were overjoyed at the announcement of Ridley being playable in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! No longer will the fierce leader of the Space Pirates be relegated to a stage hazard, or be considered too big for Smash!

A Ridley amiibo was announced during E3 2018 for use with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Do you plan to pick up the Ridley amiibo when it goes on sale? (Post-E3 2018 survey)

Surprisingly, less than two thirds of fans will be picking up the Ridley amiibo announced for the game. Perhaps there’s still many people who struggle to find amiibo at launch at a sensible price? Let’s hope Nintendo makes plenty of these so everyone can get their hands on one (especially us).

Would you like to see a stealth sequence in Metroid Prime 4 where Samus only has her Zero Suit? (Post-E3 2018 survey)

It has been some time since Metroid: Zero Mission first introduced the Zero Suit. Its post-game stealth mode left us on edge, desperately trying to avoid a ship full of Space Pirates in order to obtain another functional Power Suit. This question was suggested by our team member RoyboyX who felt it would be a great addition, and almost half of fans agreed with him!

Metroid Prime 4 is still in development and will not launch in 2018. How would you feel about Nintendo bringing the Metroid Prime Trilogy for Switch with updated controls and visuals before then? (Post-E3 2018 survey)

A huge number of fans would welcome a port of Metroid Prime Trilogy for Switch with updated controls and visuals. We feel this would be a great opportunity to tell the story of Metroid Prime to a new audience on Nintendo Switch, and it would certainly plug the gap if the new game is going to take a long time to develop!

Which of these Metroid characters would you like to see added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate the most? (Post-E3 2018)

In our post-E3 2018 survey, we asked fans which other Metroid character they would like to see added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a playable character, the choice was between Dark Samus and Sylux. We were pretty amazed to see that the results were completely TIED! In the 190 responses, 95 fans picked Team Dark Samus while the other 95 sided with Team Sylux. If you’re reading this Mr. Sakurai, please include both!

When do you expect to see Metroid Prime 4 released on Nintendo Switch? (Initial survey)

When do you expect to see Metroid Prime 4 released on Nintendo Switch? (Post-E3 2018 survey)

Finally, we asked Metroid fans when they thought the next installment of Metroid Prime would release. Initially, almost 80% of fans were sure the game would release in 2019, but when we asked the question again in our post E3 2018 survey, opinions were split. Just half of those in that survey felt the game would still release in 2019, while over 40% felt the game will come in 2020. We can only hope that whenever the game is released, it will be as great and as polished as it can possibly be, a title we can look back on fondly for years to come!

We asked our fans to share their thoughts with us on what they hope to see from Metroid Prime 4, and their disappointment at its absence at E3 2018. Here are a few that we selected:

Let her expand on bounty hunting. Aggressive infiltration into smugglers’ / pirates’ dens to capture most wanted felons. Have a light loot-based upgrade track for weapons (different modules for better bonuses / new effects). Get heroism / fame for taking on dangerous excavation missions or repelling pirate boarders from a merchant ship, avoiding as much collateral damage as possible. Different suit types for different situations instead of just upgrading. Power management for suit abilities (space jump? gotta reduce power to beam cannon or disable missiles). – Eldebo

I want to see this game [Prime 4] utilize the effective environmental storytelling we saw in the first Prime. Skip the lengthy, dialogue-filled cutscenes we saw in Corruption and a certain other game and let the player discover the story themselves through the iconic scan system and lore. Isolation is another key feature of the series, and one of my favorite things about Prime 1 is how profoundly alone you are. Unfortunately, this trait seemed to diminish as the Primes progressed, but I’m ready for it to come back in full force in this new installment. Just drop Samus off on a bizarre yet beautiful alien planet and let her do her thing! – Ashley C.

[Metroid Prime 4 should be a] First person adventure at the core, but I would like them to be creative with new weapons and abilities, particularly when it comes to Samus’ movement abilities. – Caleb

I was disappointed, but the announcements of Hollow Knight (I’m a huge HK fan) and Super Smash Bros coming to Switch this year have done enough to hold me over until more about the game is shared. – MetroidPeter

I personally was disappointed that Nintendo did not show any Metroid Prime 4 at E3 2018 but I understand that they usually only show games that they think are closer to being ready. It bothers me though that they decided to show it last year and get peoples hopes up, only to be completely silent during Nintendo’s conference this year. I hope that they will show the community progress on the game, maybe even if it’s just a teaser trailer, in the coming months. – MagicNanner

I’m not actually a very big Metroid fan. I just like taking surveys. – Gnarlings

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to our surveys!

Initial survey based on 188 results
Post-E3 2018 survey based on 190 results