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Civilisations Lurking Beyond

Focus on the Kriken
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There are several other civilisations in the Metroid universe we know even less about such as the Kriken, Vhozon and Phrygisian and then even lesser known like the Enoema, Diamonts, Bion and the Biomorphs on the world of Jovia Xll. Here I will try to delve a bit deeper into some of them, how they can potentially shape the future of the Metroid Universe, and how the Kriken could be key players in most of it.

The Kriken

It would seem that after the events of Metroid Fusion, the Space Pirates, X-Parasites and Metroids present no immediate threat to the galaxy. Whether they have all been destroyed or not is currently unknown and could be left to future potential investigations by Samus. However, existence has a way of replacing the void left by those that preceded it, and the Kriken are without doubt the most likely faction to fill that space. Their society is a mix between a hive-mind and imperialism, meaning that although they all work together towards a common goal, individualism is still a natural part of their species, having the bounty hunter Trace set as an example. One of the most sacred rituals in their culture is to invade planets suitable for their empire. A Kriken warrior sets out to find such a world after reaching a certain age. Hostile and aggressive, they are feared and despised all over the galaxy whenever another sentient civilisation draws the short straw of finding themselves in their path. Not much is known about them, this could be because nobody lives to tell the tale beyond their observed interstellar invasions. This is further enhanced that even the Galactic Federation, as well as the Space Pirates before their demise, saw the Kriken as the real threat. Perhaps this is partially a reason why they wanted to utilise Metroids for biological warfare, to face enemies like this?

Their physiology is insectoid-like with a crimson-red complexion, legs reminiscent of the legs of crickets and arm claws resembling scorpion pincers in a way, and a floating head with one big eye, like the heads of the Alimbic race. Technology seems to be focused on biological features and upgrades, implementing it into their own bodies in the form of the Triskelion as well as a possible refining procedure of their already natural ability to camouflage themselves and make themselves invisible, to name two examples. It is also fair to assume that their carapace has been improved as well. Not much is known about their weapons technology except that Trace does have a ship and of course his Imperialist, a sniper-like laser weapon capable of precise long-ranged damage against most enemies.The floating one-eyed heads could be a reason to why Trace and likely the rest of the Kriken warriors use long-ranged based weaponry, since it would give them maximum advantage in combat due to their natural precision and targeting.

The Vhozon

Another civilisation with little information available that could have been playing a significant role in the galaxy by keeping it in order behind the scenes, are the Vhozon from the planet Vho. It is quite possible to assume that they have been the main faction against the Kriken, halting their advancements to the best of their capabilities. Trace and Noxus being the only ones engaging in combat outside of Samus during the Alimbic Nightmare (a term I coined) could signify a nemesis-like relationship as well. Unfortunately, now that the Space Pirates have been destroyed, the Galactic Federation somewhat crippled throughout the years, the Chozo absent (although the rogue Chozo faction might play an important role one day), Luminoth, Reptilicus and Alimbics just saved from certain extinction, and the apparent destruction of Metroids and X-Parasites, not much is left to keep the Kriken in check presently. The Vhozon might have started to lose ground by now because of it, as overwhelming numbers will almost always gain the upper hand. The Vhozon have a heightened sense of justice as a species regarding good and evil, which is why Noxus travelled to the Alimbic Cluster to stop anyone from claiming the Ultimate Weapon for destructive or irresponsible means. The coldest bodies have the warmest hearts after all.

Physiology wise, it is unclear if all Vhozon look like Noxus but nonetheless, they are bipedal sentient beings with very sturdy but thin legs, bulky upper bodies with a purple complexion and four eyes. Just like the Kriken, they also seem to be knowledgeable in biotechnology, specifically some sort of advanced cryo bionics. Their frozen world led them to naturally evolve their alternate form, the Vhoscythe, like how a tortoise tucks its limbs inwards but not an exact mechanism. They spin around to keep warm, but I also suspect they have evolved a natural reversed anoxybiosis to thrive in these conditions rather than merely surviving it. Their weapons arsenal is largely based on a type of cryotechnology, similar to the Phrygisians. The Judicator might be a special weapon created solely for Noxus, or it could be a refined version of a standard military one he obtained through the Vhozon Codex, a rite of passage.

The Phrygisians

Much like the Vhozon, the Phrygisians are a species that likely evolved in a sub-zero environment on the moon Phrygis orbiting Bes lll. Based on the values and thoughts expressed by Rundas during the Phazon Crisis, they seem to have a similar sense of justice, but in a more chilled way (pun intended). Because he became a bounty hunter instead of a miner or something less radical like many of his kind, he became very arrogant and playful in the way he not only speaks, but acts. Still, this does not remove the ability to work well with others when the situation demands it, unlike the Vhozon as far as it is known. Not much else is revealed about their history or how extensive their reach is in the galaxy, but their supposedly highly advanced technology and biology could indicate that they are quite aware of the events happening around them, like the Kriken menace.

Rundas was the only known Phrygisian, and his form resembled that of Noxus except bulkier with a light-dark turquoise complexion in general. He also has a very similar shaped head with four eyes like Noxus. Whether they have any relation between each other or as a species is unknown, but could also be the process of convergent evolution since they are both based on comparable conditions. Technology wise, Rundas appeared to have biomechanical armour which likely also kept him at around sub-zero temperatures even in hotter environments like Bryyo Fire. Their natural ability of cryokinesis at will gives them, in my opinion, an advantage over the Vhozon, since they are not currently known to have such abilities themselves. No physical weapons are known, but he did own a Phrygisian-Class Gunship, and even though there is no obvious weaponry attached or included in the ship, perhaps it is possible that any weapon that exists on craft is artificially created to emulate cryokinesis.

The Others

There are still powerful civilisations out there that Samus, the Galactic Federation and even you, the reader, know very little about. Will we ever find out more about at least some of them in future installments? What we do know about the Enoema is that they were clearly seeking to create an unstoppable warrior with Kanden, but ultimately failed. Why they created such a warrior is currently unknown, but they demonstrated advanced skills in technology, especially mechanical. The Diamonts are thought to be extinct, with Spire being the sole survivor. He sought the Ultimate Power hoping it would lead to answers about his species’ fate. Equipped with the Magmaul, a weapon passed down through generations, indicates that the Diamonts highly value their ancestors and descendants alike. His kind with all likelihood extinct, one might wonder if the Kriken could have had a claw in it. Gandrayda could be from the world Jovia Xll, because the native inhabitants there have the same ability to shapeshift. Whether she is one of them or one-of-a-kind remains to be seen but clearly, she has the power and skills to surpass most.

Sylux’s species is classified as unknown, but is entirely reasonable that he is in fact human since he stole his suit and weapons, and the Delano 7 from the Galactic Federation. The suit is clearly designed to fit human standards and the fact that he harbours an immense hatred against them, and Samus by extension further strengthens that theory. Ghor’s origins are unknown, other than his participation in the liberation war on Wotan Vll. Based on his values, he has a high sense of morals, possibly an overall trait of his species. What role the rest of his species have in the galaxy is unknown, theoretically speaking however, they could have formed an alliance with the Galactic Federation? Then ultimately, highly advanced civilisations like the N’Kren, Ylla and Ridley’s species, which are not well-documented, are not seen by Samus and humans, potentially other races too in general for whatever reason other than by mention or interaction such as with Ridley. Are they simply staying away from these conflicts or are they simply too far away?


Infamously known as an interstellar scourge in the galaxy by all, the Kriken are my safest bet to replace the constant threat previously represented by the Space Pirates, albeit at a higher degree. It would have an even bigger impact on everyone else involved, and Sylux might be the key to connect Metroids to all of this. The Kriken could be out of control now, and need a weapon to utilise against their advancements. Perhaps Metroids are the solution in Sylux’s mind, just like the Chozo believed it was necessary to wipe out the X-Parasites? The Vhozon might form an alliance with Samus since they would likely require her help, but since the Galactic Federation are shady at best in present times due to a splinter group conducting illegal projects like in the Bottle Ship, it is likely they would be ignored unless it benefits the galaxy for the greater good.

The other bounty hunters like Kanden (if one manages to rewire him) and Spire might be future allies as well, especially if it turns out that the Diamonts were really destroyed by the Kriken. All of this is my own speculation on where the Metroid universe can continue next, and we still do not know if we will ever see and interact with the N’Kren and Ylla who are believed to be around the level of the Reptilicus and Luminoth. No matter where Samus’s finds herself in future travels, it is unquestionable that the Kriken do represent a large threat to the galaxy and all who inhabit it, and who knows what Trace might have changed in the minds of his kind by informing about what had transpired during the Alimbic Nightmare.

Written by Quadraxis