About Shinesparkers

Shinesparkers is a Metroid fan community dedicated to bringing its fans up-to-date Metroid news and exclusive content, such as Harmony of a Hunter. It highlights the creativity of Metroid fans from across the world by showcasing their work to our audience. We often collaborate with the wider Metroid community and support their endeavors to ensure the Metroid fan community is the very best it can be. Shinesparkers aims to be the first multilingual Metroid fan website, with content translated into multiple languages in an effort to reach out to an expanded audience.

Shinesparkers was started in 2009 by a group of Metroid fans who wanted an opportunity to discuss their love for the Metroid franchise and Nintendo news. The podcast was originally called Hyperbeam, but was later changed to Shinesparkers. Unfortunately, the podcast didn’t take off, and after just a single episode, it was dropped.

On the 17th of May 2009, Shinesparkers transitioned from failed podcast to the savior of a Nintendo-centric web community known as Nintendo Online, run solely by Darren Kerwin. It continued to function as a community for Nintendo Online for almost a year before a more permanent home was secured in the form of The Joypads. While continuing to support it, Darren had already begun work on the next chapter in the Shinesparkers story.

With the launch of a brand new Metroid title on the horizon, it was just the right time for a new face to step into the Metroid fan community. In June 2010, work began on the new Shinesparkers, a dedicated Metroid website and community offering up-to-date news and exclusive content. Darren focused hard on the overall vision and direction of the website, providing the content and reaching out to the community to bring Shinesparkers to life. With the team working to their strengths, the website eventually launched on the 31st of August 2010 and quickly became among the fastest-growing and most reliable Metroid communities online, and the only active Metroid community in Europe.

Shinesparkers conducted interviews with several notable names from the Metroid franchise and highlighted projects from the creative talents within the fan community. It also focused on its own original content in the form of fan-arrangement albums called Harmony of a Hunter to mark the 25th Anniversary of Metroid. The albums were a massive success and pushed Shinesparkers above and beyond what was ever expected. Two further albums were released in 2014 called Harmony of Heroes, which focused on the Super Smash Bros franchise, and the latest album in the series was released in 2017 called Harmony of a Champion, which is a story-driven tribute to the music of Pokémon Red and Green.

By the end of 2014, it was clear there wasn’t a great deal of Metroid content to share. Shinesparkers began to expand into covering gaming events from a Nintendo angle and attempted to keep the website alive with regular news thanks to Renan “Naner” Greca. By July 2015, the Shinesparkers community had exhausted itself, and the website became dormant. Shinesparkers continued to support the various creative efforts of the community, such as the MetroidHQthon, which raised thousands of dollars for charity, and was responsible for helping the Metroid fan film “The Sky Calls” obtain enough votes to go into production. Darren continued to work hard within the Metroid community to promote the 30th anniversary of Metroid throughout its anniversary year.

In June 2017, Nintendo announced they were working on two brand-new Metroid games. Metroid: Samus Returns is the first 2D Metroid title in thirteen years, and Metroid Prime 4 is the first major 3D title in over a decade. With a resurgence brewing within the Metroid community, it was time for Shinesparkers to return with a fresh look, an expanded team, and a radical perspective for what a fan website should be in the modern day.

The journey continues…



Creative Director

The creator of Shinesparkers! Darren is responsible for managing the website and community. He also supports the team to ensure the smooth-running of the website. His favorite Metroid game is Metroid Prime.



Deputy Creative Director

RoyboyX is the second in command when it comes to content on Shinesparkers. In addition to supporting the site in all aspects, he is also a content writer. His favorite Metroid game is Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.



Community Spotlight and Social Media Manager

Glaedrax is in charge of managing our Community Spotlights, which aim to promote fan projects relating to Metroid. In addition to this, he is a content writer and manages our social media accounts. If you see us posting a meme, it’s probably his fault. His favorite Metroid game is Super Metroid.

Quadraxis Mii


Features Manager

Quadraxis is responsible for managing the features on our website. He is also a content writer. His favorite Metroid game is Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

Mr. Mendelli

Mr. Mendelli

Graphics Support

Mr. Mendelli provides support to the team to provide headers and other cool visuals you may see around the website. His favorite Metroid game is Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

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David Porvia

Graphics Support

David provides support for our graphics, including the headers you see on our content. His favourite Metroid game is Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.



Graphics Support

Leon is responsible for some of the awesome headers you see on our content, giving the features and Spotlights we put out, a greater chance to shine.



Technical Support

Renan is providing technical support to the website, in an effort to make the website work correctly and look as great as it can. In addition to this, he is a content writer, who has provided support for the community since the early days of its creation. His favourite Metroid game is Metroid: Zero Mission


Amanda VanHiel

Podcast Lead

Amanda is the host of the Shinesparkers Podcast! In addition to this, she also writes content for the website. Her favourite Metroid game is Metroid Fusion.

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Vectrex is our translator for features and interviews with Japanese Metroid developers. His favourite Metroid game is Super Metroid.

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Stephan Wells

Podcast Editor

Step is the editor of the Shinesparkers Podcast! He enjoys the Metroid Prime Trilogy of games, especially Metroid Prime 2: Echoes!

Current staff

Darren – Creative Director (August 2010 – present)
RoyboyX – Deputy Creative Director ( August 2017 – present)
Glaedrax – Community Spotlight Manager (April 2021 – present) and Social Media Manager (July 2017 – present)
Lucent – Hosting (Albums: August 2011 – present, website: April 2016 – present)
Quadraxis – Features Manager (August 2018 – present)
Mr. Mendelli – Graphics Support (August 2018 – present)
David Porvia – Graphics Support (March 2020 – present)
TriforceGuy – Graphics Support (July 2020 – present)
Renan Greca – Technical Support / Content (2010 – 2015, January 2019 – present)
Amanda VanHiel – Podcast Lead / Content (May 2018 – present)
Vectrex28 – Translator (May 2018 – present)
Strince – Lorekeeper (April 2020 – present)
Stephan Wells – Podcast and content editor (April 2020 – present)

Former staff

Benjamin Stewart (Graphics) – 2010-2011, 2017-2018
Rozen (Web Development Support) – 2017
Samantha Jackson (Graphics) – 2012
Wavehack (Hosting, Web Development Support) – 2010 – 2016
FastLizard4 (Forum Moderator, Webmaster) – 2010 – 2018
Giulio Bruschini (Italian Translation) – 2017 – 2018
Deceptimike (Content) – 2018
Dennis (Content) – 2018
Bearborg (Graphics) – 2018
Darts (Social Media) – 2017 – 2020
Samusoidal (Graphics) – 2019 – 2020
Mozzaratti (Podcast) – 2019
Torby Brand (Podcast) – December 2019 – July 2020
KomodoZero (Community Spotlight Manager) – August 2017 – April 2021
Dalagonash (Content Writer) – March 2020 – April 2021

Special Thanks

Gene Kohler – Interview & Metroid 25th Anniversary tribute video
Lee Garasich – Interview (Community Spotlight)
Timothy Miller – Interview
Grant Henry – Interview (Community Spotlight)
Mike Sneath – Interview
Jessica Martin – Video tributes
Saturday Sazaran – Comic artist (Metroid: The Justin Bailey Adventures)
Nate Bihldorff – Interview
Thaís Jussim (Yuki) – Interview (Community Spotlight)
Yosuke Hayashi – Metroid 25th Anniversary tribute video
Tommy Tallarico – Interview & Metroid 25th Anniversary tribute video
Jeron Moore – Interview
Chad Seiter – Interview
Daisuke Amaya – Metroid 25th Anniversary tribute video
Jeff Skalski – Metroid 25th Anniversary tribute video
Video Game Music Choir – Metroid 25th Anniversary tribute video
ChozoBoy – Interview (Community Spotlight)
Christian Cardona – Interview (Community Spotlight)
Kent King – Interview (Community Spotlight)
Rebecca Marshall – Interview (Community Spotlight)
Michael Underlin – Interview (Community Spotlight)
Marcus Ross – Interview (Community Spotlight)
Johnny Mello – Interview (Community Spotlight)
Ryan Fitzpatrick- Interview (Community Spotlight)
Andrew Skeet – Interview
Sam Dillard – Community Spotlight
Jack Mathews – Interview
Joe Heasman – Community Spotlight
The Orpheon – Community Spotlight
Torby Brand – Community Spotlight
Katielynne Harder (Kabutroid) – Community Spotlight, Podcast guest
Sonny Santa Maria – Feature
Neal Anderson – Community Spotlight
Christopher Hill (Behemoth87) – Community Spotlight
Gioia Marzullo – Community Spotlight
Pennaz91 – Community Spotlight
Sebastian Mårtensson – Community Spotlight
Clark Wen – Interview
Dan Root – Community Spotlight
Sammy Hall – Feature
Robin Lindahl – Community Spotlight
David Lakin – Community Spotlight
Boid – Community Spotlight
Hirokazu Tanaka – Interview
Samuel Lidstrom – Community Spotlight
Anaugi – Community Spotlight
Alex Veens – Community Spotlight
Erik Peabody – Community Spotlight
Gina John-Crosland – Community Spotlight
Shiryu – Community Spotlight
Deadweight – Community Spotlight
Elias Thompson – Community Spotlight, Podcast
Habreno – Community Spotlight
David Verstraete – Community Spotlight
Danior Snyder – Feature
WarlockTheVigilante – Community Spotlight
Sterling Davis – Community Spotlight
Idzuki Kouji – Interview
Kegan Crafton – Community Spotlight
Benjamin/Superstupidy – Community Spotlight
Leanne/Gonemushrooming – Community Spotlight
Eric Kozlowsky – Podcast guest
DoctorM64 – Podcast guest
Elias Thompson – Podcast guest
Viking Guitar – Podcast guest
The Orpheon – Podcast guest
Mozzaratti – Community Spotlight
Phazon Pixie – Community Spotlight
JRP – Community Spotlight
Pamigu – Community Spotlight
Wikitroid – Community Spotlight
Oszaj – Community Spotlight
Richard Vorodi – Interview
Omni42 – Community Spotlight
The Metroid Trainer – Community Spotlight
Sam Balcomb and Jeff Dodson (Rainfall Films) – Podcast guest
VGMStudios – Community Spotlight
Chernabogue – Community Spotlight
Dana Nicole – Community Spotlight
Damian Merazzi – Community Spotlight
GuilhermeRM – Community Spotlight

Nintex – Beta testing site for launch
Kit Ellis – Nintendo help and support
Andrew Kelly – Nintendo help and support
Falcon Zero – Additional graphics (August 2011 – February 2012)
Tim Hardeman – Additional graphics (February 2012 – July 2012)